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There is an easy way to get practical and easily applicable tips in the field of carpet cleaning. Simply use this page now and in the future. Each tip shared below covers a specific topic. It is straightforward and simple to apply even for someone without special skills or experience.

We guarantee fast, effective rug cleaning

Follow these golden rules in carpet cleaning for a maximum clean-up and longer carpet lifespan. Do you have silk rugs? Get excellent tips for their cleaning and maintenance. Also learn how to use the right carpet cleaning detergents.

Silk rugs do not require vacuuming

Handmade rugs are peculiar in regard to the right rug cleaning methods. This is due to their natural materials with which they were made. Silk rugs are very sensitive and the threads fragile to withstand the force of the vacuum cleaner. If you need to vacuum them, Carpet Cleaning Cypress would recommend you to do it gently. Preferably you should use soft brushes for their cleaning.

Select the best carpet soaps

There are many carpet detergents on the market but you should prefer simple products you keep under your sink at home. Vinegar, for example, would be perfect for odor removal and baking soda would be excellent for stain removal. Let the vacuum cleaner do the rest. If the stains are very persistent and the dish liquid does not help, make sure to pick ecofriendly products.

Do not eat on the carpet

Food and drinks in general are common items that cause stains on the carpet. Some food stains can also be pretty hard to remove. Do not let this happen to your carpet by avoiding eating on it or even just near the carpet. Cleaning the carpet of certain food products can sometimes seem impossible.

Remove hair from the carpet before you begin vacuuming

There are special brushes for the purpose. You can use them without kneeling on the floor. Once pet and human hair is gone, vacuuming will be easier, quicker, more effective and safer. You also won’t need to clean the brush roller as often.

How to dry a carpet quickly

A carpet absorbs water quickly and dries slowly. To help remove water from a soaked carpet, you can blot it out with an absorbent rag or you can use a vacuum that's designed for wet cleaning to suck in water. To expedite the drying process, you can use common household appliances to promote evaporation such as ceiling fans, electric fans and blow dryers.

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