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For your most common concerns on carpet cleaning, here are effective and simple answers.

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here, you will locate all the common questions related to our products and services. Learn all you can about pet stains and different odor removal techniques. So scroll down, and read on!

Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

Both methods for cleaning carpets are basically effective, but it will all depend on how you do things right. According to Carpet Cleaning Cypress technicians, Steam cleaning is good at removing deep-seated dirt and grime in the rug. Dry cleaning also allows them to dry quickly, and the rug's backing and underlay also do not get wet. Remember that if you do not remove excess water, this will cause the fabric to shrink and wrinkle, and will lead to the development of mold and mildew too.

Do I have to be present at home during the carpet cleaning process?

You don't have to be present all the time when carpet cleaners are in your home doing the job. The people are fully-trained professionals, so your presence is unnecessary. However, if you want to address certain issues pertaining to your rugs, it is encouraged that someone can be present. This is especially important if the job requires removing certain furniture or if the carpet covers a large area.

How do I dry my carpets faster?

The key to quicker carpet drying is ventilation. As such, you have to open your doors and windows to facilitate air circulation. You can use fans to direct air circulation to let hot air in and facilitate the exit of damp air. Our experts in Cypress, however, would remind homeowners not to try ironing carpets just to speed up the drying process.

Will my carpet’s warranty be void if I apply after-treatment?

There are some after-treatments that can void your carpet’s warranty. These include solvent-based and silicone-based treatments. It was found that fluorine or water-based after-treatment products will not void your carpet’s warranty.

Is steam cleaning effective?

It's the best method to refresh rugs, upholstery and sofas according to the specialists of our carpet cleaning contractor in Cypress. It's the perfect way for carpet, upholstery and sofa dust and odor removal. Though, it won't remove the stains, especially if they are persistent. Stain removal will need much more effective methods than steam cleaning.

Will it help if I disallow shoes on the carpet?

Yes. Shoes can carry so much dirt, dust, and debris from the outdoors. Walking on the carpet with your shoes on will obviously make the carpet dirtier. Many carpeted households are following the Asian household tradition of not wearing footwear indoors. You can also have indoor slippers or slip-ons.

How long do rugs last?

Rugs can actually last for generations. It's not a lie when you hear that handmade Persian rugs move from one generation to the next. Some of the value of such expensive rugs lies in the fact that they can last for very long with the right rug cleaning, storage and maintenance according to our specialists. Handmade rugs are loom made and are strong, but need good care.

Why is the floor under a rug dirty?

This usually happens when the rug has loose weave. Examples include seagrass and coir rugs. When you clean these items, you should vacuum the floor too. If the floor is covered with tiles, you will also benefit from cleaning it with a water-based solution and a mop. It is important for you to provide full maintenance to all floors and floor treatments.

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