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Secrets to Upholstery Cleaning

05/14/2016 Back To Blog

Upholstered furniture is found in practically every home. It is cozy and functional, but it gets dirty much more quickly than we’d like to think. It is used constantly. You sit, and sometimes even lie down for a long time. The kids may use it for play. Guests are also seated on it. Given all this, weekly upholstery cleaning becomes essential. Here is some advice which will help you do everything correctly.Secrets to Upholstery Cleaning

Start with Vacuuming

This is the best DIY method for removing dust and dirt, but many people don’t apply it properly. You need to start by removing the cushions. This is possible with most sofas and armchairs. Then you need to attach the crevice tool and vacuum all tight areas. It pays off to be meticulous, especially when it comes to cleaning the armrests as they have lots of twists, turns and small corners.

Once the challenging sections are clean, you can continue with the upholstery tool. It is perfect even for small stools as well as for large couch cleaning. The key thing is to start from the bottom down. When you do this, dust which hasn’t been suctioned will go to areas which you haven’t cleaned yet.

Make several passes over each section of every furniture piece. Try to go as slowly as possible to let the vacuum do its job. Vacuum the cushions separately from all sides. Again, you need to use the upholstery tool. After you are done, you can put them back into place.

Refreshing the Furniture

Despite the common misconception, not all upholstery can be properly cleaned with a solution of water and soap or another type of commercial cleaner. Even eco-friendly products might not work. This is because each upholstery fabric is specific.

It is important to check the tag to find out what type of product is permitted, especially when it comes to microfiber sofa cleaning. In general, wiping the surface with soft damp cloth always works.

Once you are done with the furniture, you can readily move onto carpet cleaning. 

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