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Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

12/16/2014 Back To Blog

There are two main types of carpet cleaning. These are dry or low moisture methods and the steam or hot water extraction. Dry methods typically make use of chemical solutions that are vacuumed out to remove dirt and soil. On the other hand, hot water extraction uses pressurized, heated water to force dirt out. While a wet vacuum removes it away.

What Makes Steam Cleaning Advantageous?

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning• Cleans Deeply: This method of residential carpet cleaning offers deeper cleaning than dry methods since the latter only cleans the surface. This is important since harmful contaminants are also eliminated in the process. Steam cleaning is also best for stain removal.
• Preferred by Manufacturers: Makers of silk, Persian and wool rugs recommend hot water extraction because it is more effective and safer than other cleaning methods.
• Leaves Less Residue: Dry cleaning methods make use of shampoo, powder and other solutions that leave a large amount of residue. Sometimes, the strong smell of chemicals does not go away after the carpet is dried. When done properly, hot water extraction could leave the carpet free of residue.
• Environment-friendly: In this cleaning method, eco-friendly products could be used for a safer approach. Natural, non-toxic cleaning agents can be used since highly heated, pressurized water does not require stronger but harmful solutions.

Despite longer drying period, hot water extraction or steam cleaning is highly advantageous because it thoroughly cleans the carpet, making sure that excessive dirt, soil and contaminants are removed. Cleaning a carpet is necessary not just to make it look good, but also to prevent harmful effects of substances. Mold formation in carpets can cause allergies, and it could also be a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria and dust mites. Thus, surface cleaning is not enough, and highly heated water and solution is highly effective for dirt and mold removal.

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